Maine Wine Overview

Being wine inclined, one of the first questions we asked upon arriving in the oceanfront city of Portland was to a vendor at one of the city’s farmers markets. Are grapes grown in Maine?

Elderberries are the one fruit that can produce a Bordeaux-style wine, other than red wine grapes.

Yes. Grapes are grown here, despite a growing season 90 days shorter than Napa Valley. Numerous hardy varieties thrive here, along with several delectable types of fruit. We visited seven of Maine’s wineries and enjoyed numerous well crafted wines — almost all produced from Maine-grown grapes and fruit.

Maine Wine Trails

There are no wine trails, per se, in Maine. However, don’t miss out on the state’s various vineyards and sights to be seen!

Travelogue: Maine Wine: Yes, Grapes Are Grown in Maine!

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